• Share Type APY** As High As Dividend Pays Minimum Balance
    First Space Savings Monthly $25.00
    Youth Savings Monthly $5.00
    IRAs Monthly $5.00

  • Share Type APY** As Low As Term
    Autos New/Used 2006 - Newer 48 Months
    Autos New/Used 2006 - Newer 60 Months
    Autos New/Used 2006 - Newer 72 Months
    Autos New/Used 2009 - Newer 84 Months
    $25.00 min.
    Autos Used 2000 - 2005 Up to 60 Months
    Motorcycles Over 750cc Same As Auto Rates Up to 84 Months

** APY (Annual Percentage Yield) calculations are based on monthly compound interest for checking and money market accounts and quarterly compound interest for savings and certificate accounts and assumes principal and interest remain on deposit at current rate for one year. Rates are subject to change.

* APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The rate we are providing is the lowest rate available to most qualified members. The actual rate and payment amount you receive will reflect your individual circumstances and may be higher than the rate and payment amount disclosed initially. Rates are subject to change